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Name:Manny Aguilar
Location:South Lake Tahoe, Calif. USA
Message: HELL-O RAY...I just want to say that I really enjoy seeing your kit flying on u-tube. It is unbelievable!!I'm 60 years old I haven't flown a kite sense I was about 10 with my dad. After seeing you on u-tube I'm going out to fly one again. Thank you again for letting me be a kid again. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks again from a 60 year old kid!!! :}

Name:Brian Lawrance
Location:st Adolphe dHoward, qC Canada
Message:Hi Ray, glad to see you are still amazing everyone..I last met you in EdmontonI hope we can meet again....cheers Hi Brian thanks for your message and many thanks for remembering me. thatwas`a few years ago, time marches on. Take care, warmest regards to you and yours, Ray.

Name:Henry Kitchens and Patsy Simpson
Message:Happy birthday when ever it is, I have seen your videos many times and look forward to meeting you in person! We will be in the Vancouver area first 2 wks Oct,, perhaps we meet . I have been flying stunt kites for about 20 years but no where near your skill level I and others could take lessons from you,, Thank you for your kind words I will be in The USA in Oct, sorry I will miss you, enjoy your visit. Ray The master

Name:John Osborn
Location:Kenmore, WA USA
Message:This was our first kite festival, Long Beach, WA, August 2014. It was fun viewing all the varieties of kites and watching the action. But the most special thing was meeting you and being engaged in friendly conversation as well as watching your masterful flying. Thank you for being the special person that you are. Good winds and great flying! John Osborn Thank you John for your Kind Words, it is always nice to meet and chat with people, I enjoyed chatting with you. Warmest regards Ray.

Name:nancy mccafferty
Location:phoenix, AZ United States
Message:i watch your video of you flying your kites to the flower duet from lakme....it honestly moves me to tears every time i watch it. thank you for such beauty. god bless you.

Name:Air Max TN
Location:18520865, 18520865 18520865
Message:Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return. Air Max TN http://www.fnsac-cgt.com/Air-Max-TN.html

Name:Fahmi Othman
Location:johor bahru, Johor Malaysia
Message:Hello Ray? All is well? Never before in my entire life a person makes me cry with flying kites, seriously. You made me cry - but a happy one. It brought pleasure to me to see you happy flying those kites. I can see you're free. Flying with the kites you flew. Cheers, Fahmi Thank you Fahmi, yes I am always happy when flying as I am at peace with myself and the whole World. Warmest regards to you and Yours. Ray.

Location:, Italy Lombardia
Message:Ciao Ray, ricordo di averti visto apprezzato e stimato a Cervia qualche anno fa. Noto con piacere che, anche se gli anni passano, tu rimani sempre lo stesso. Tanti cari saluti e auguri Tino e Tina

Name:DAAGE Ysa
Message:Dear Ray, I read most of all these great messages people wrote to you, and what strikes me most is that you truly are an inspiration to SO MANY PEOPLE and that THE WHOLE WORLD LOVES YOU ! not to mention those who don't have internet but still know you and love you too...all those people who, just like my family and I, are so lucky to meet you every year in Berck or anywhere else on Earth, to watch your awesome and deeply moving kite shows...and this amazing song you fly on...(and AWESOME VIDEO YOU MADE ! THANKS A MILLION FOR IT !!!)You've seen my boys grow, year after year, and you always seemed so happy to see us again, taking the time to give us a kiss, a big hug, an autograph, and let us take a picture with you and Dolores before flying to Italy...I feel so blessed to have been able to meet you in Vancouver last summer...It was a real dream come true...I was the happiest fan in the whole world, you know !!!You are so unbelievably kind and generous, Ray, you have such strengh in your hands, no wonder why you can hold so many kites at once ! but what you hold best, is our hearts !!!Ray, you hold the whole world's hearts in your hands whether you fly kites or look as us with your great blue eyes ! and that's why we all love you so much !!! You truly are our Big Daddy ! which should also help me fly AT LEAST one kite at a time, and try not kill anyone by accident !! Thank God our beaches are long and wide ...ahahahah...I'm working on getting better at it...Thank you for being such a wonderful person and for teaching us so much, Ray..You and Dolores will be in our hearts FOREVER AND EVER...And Happy Birthday in advance : some more chocolates are on their way to Vancouver ! CHEERS !!!Pls tell us we'll see you in BERCK in April ? à bientôt LOTS OF LOVE FROM ME AND EVERYBODY HERE...

Location:Santa Barbara, CA USA
Message:I love the video of you flying the three kites with Lakme's Flower Song in the background. I keep a link to it on my desktop and for the past few years whenever I'm having a really bad day I play it and it makes me feel better. Thank you!

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