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Name:Jon Fisher
Location:Aurora, CO USA
Message:Dear Ray, I was just forwarded your YouTube video "Romancing the Wind" by a friend and couldn't believe what I saw! You are extremely talented and your skill level is apparent by the way you fly your kites with such ease. You helped me bring back the nostalgia of flying kites with my Dad when I was a kid, although I was never very good at flying kites. Instead, I think I'll remember how you fly them with such finesse and grace. You have taught me that flying kites isn't just for fun; it's an art form. Thank you. Sincerely, Jon Fisher Thank you Jon and good luck (Ray)

Location:NewwYork, NY USA
Message:Absolutely mesmerizing and so beautiful!! Thank you Colleen (Ray)

Name:Lori Douglas
Location:Banning, CA USA
Message:I'm so grateful a friend forwarded me "Romancing the Wind." It took my breath away. I immediately forwarded it on to other friends -- they should "meet you" also, and see and feel the beauty you create. Bless you. You have such a gift! Thank you Lori for your kind words (Ray)

Name:Kim Trentley
Location:Stafford, VA USA
Message:Hello Mr.Bethell! I love watching your kite flying! Amazing! Kim Thank you Kim , Ray

Name:Ann Belair
Location:Reynoldsburg, Ohio United States
Message:Someone sent me a video of Romancing the Wind and you were so wonderful in it that I checked other links about you on the computer and watched the other videos. I don't fly kites but I would attend kite flying contests now if we had them were I live. Your skills are fantastic and I can see how much you enjoy flying these kites.

Location:Perth, Western Australia Australia
Message:Absolutely fantastic video of the 3 kites.

Name:Gordon H.
Location:Lethbrdge, AB Canada
Message:I saw you fly 3 stunt kites at the first Children of the Wind festival at the Windy Point campground on the Oldman River Dam about 15 years ago. It was incredible. Then today a member of the vn750.com motorcycle forum posted a link to a Youtube video called "Romancing the Wind" with you flying 3 kites again, just as I remembered it. http://www.raybethell.com/html/n_01.htm Thanks for sharing your talents with us all.

Name:Rick Unuia
Location:Wellington, Paraparaumu New Zealand
Message:Hello Mr Bethell. My name is Rick. I've recently gotten into stunt kite flying focusing primarily on 3d tricks. But I am so inspired by your flying and how really amazing this kind if flying is. After talking with a few people I have sadly discovered that there is virtually NO stunt kite interest in New Zealand currently- BUT I WANT THIS TO CHANGE!!! So I've set up a Facebook page called Stunt Kite Aotearoa. I want people to know stunt kiting although suffered from major decline in the mid nineties, there is still hope in the skies :) I'm slowly generating interest again....I'd be excited if you would join my page. New Zealand surely shares an early legacy with you in kite flying if I'm not mistaken :) thanks for your time and your flying :)

Location:Scandiano, RE Italia
Message:Hi Ray! I know that you won't be in Cervia this year. I hope everything is fine and I hope see you next year! From lots of years I come to see you and your kites, since I was very young. I love your passion and your smile, thanks for all. See you soon!

Name:Mike Jones
Location:Southampton, UK
Message:I was sent a link to ROMANCING THE WIND by a friend. That is an amazing piece, such beauty and grace. Thankyou seems so inadequate but it's the only word I have. Thank you Mike (Ray)

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