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Location:Pawleys Island, SC USA
Message:Terrific skill; thanks for your dedication to what used to be the sole domain of children in parks; stumbling; fumbling and frustrated trying to keep a kite in the air. Thank you for taking it to another world of beauty and competition.

Name:David Palmer
Location:Elizabeth, Colo. USA
Message:An inspiration to us all!

Location:Janesville, WI USA
Message:BEAUFIFUL! You are truly blessed with a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing it with your video. May you have many more years doing what you enjoy. Flying kites is obviously one of them.

Location:brooklyn, mi. U.S.A.
Message:Thank You. What A Truly Amazing Experience You Have Allowed Me. "AMAZING"

Location:New York City, NY USA
Message:How perfectly beautiful!

Name:Edelyn Pendon
Location:iloilo city, iloilo Philippines
Message:Good morning Ray,.. the first i saw you plying at the YouTube, i was mersmerized and amazed of the beauty of the talent anf skill that God has given to you and,..I CAN SEE IT PERFECT AND FANTASTIC. Your right when you said it at your interview that perfect practice makes you perfect. You are living in the world of silence, where most of us can't enjoy that..but your silence give's you total peace inside that you will not have the chance to listed to every turmoi,but just look and see. I praise God that there is one like you that make us forhet ourselves and Magnify the Lord's working Power and ability in your hands. Be blessed Ray,..hope you can do lot more to all of us following you. My prayer is that God will be at your side. Don't and never forget to acknowledge God's plan and purpose in your life. Again, God Bless you.

Location:Oakham, MA USA
Message:You have an amazing amount of patience, persistence, and dedication.

Message:SPEECHLESS Thank you John & Val I have flown in Perth , Love OZ.

Name:Luiz Fernando Menezes
Location:Salvador, BA Brazil
Message:Just one word can translate my feelings after your video; Wonderful! Congratulations.

Name:Vanessa Francis
Location:, South Africa
Message: God Bless you Ray...... Your life of purpose, perseverance and resilience is a great testimony to the grace of a loving God. You enable us to see that we are not limited by the little we have but with hard work and perfect practice we can accomplish far more than we can imagine. Hope to see you in South Africa one day. I have a friend with a magazine that is distributed free. I am sure that she would love to run an article on your inspiring life..... God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine on you and give you many more hours of soaring to new heights.....

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