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Name:Barbara Weed
Location:Bellingham, WA USA
Message:I watched you in Vancouver in the 90's. Do I remember correctly, did you have kites with lighted red eyes? One dark blue and one black, I think. Enchanting! Thank you Barbara , please check out my DVD's on You Tube and Face Book for a up date on my kiting.. Ray .

Name:Misty Abbott
Location:Chilliwack, BC Canada
Message:You have inspired me I always loved fling kites as a kid and I am trying to get back into it with my son! we will definitely have to come watch you sometime! do you ever give lessons to people? Thank you for your kind word sorry for the delay in answering you. if you come by the park in Summer I would gladly help you. Ray .

Name:Barb W
Location:North Vancouver, BC Canada
Message:A friend just emailed me "Romancing The Wind". It brought to mind how I would take the kids downtown for an ice cream, sit under the shade of a tree and just watch you make those kites dance. May you continue to soar into our hearts forever. Thank you. Thank you Barb, Ray /

Name:Leandro de Andrade
Location:Sapucaia do Sul, RS Brazil
Message:Mr. Ray, your work is very beautiful! I like producing articles flight to play with my kids. Here in Brazil the Kite are known by the name Pipa. I ask God to grant you good health!

Name:Sandy Grabill
Location:San Antonio, TX USA
Message:I just saw one of your videos where you were flying 3 kites! I cried - really! You have an amazing talent and it truly moved me! I am glad I saw the video and I have passed it on to the friends and family I care most about so they can see what talent you have been blessed with! May God Bless you always and thank you for making my mellenium! Thank you Sandy for the very kind words, which makes it all worth while. Ray .

Name:Janet Russell
Location:Charlotte, , NC USA
Message:All is right with the world when you fly a kite!!! Thank you. You just hit the nail on the head Thank you Janet. Ray .

Location:Cov, na UK
Message:Realy like your website, found lots of intresting info. keep up the great work. Will soon be back to visit again. Thank you looking forward it. Ray . All the best Jack & Annett. From England now living in Germany. ( www.dream-business.ws ) Ps: feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a link to your main website.

Location:Annandale, VA USA
Message:Ray, in this world of computer-generated perfection disguising human-generated mediocrity, I am particularly awestruck by the beauty and skill of your kite mastery. Thank you! Thank you so much Lizzy , I love what I do and Do what I Love. Ray

Location:Portland, OR USA
Message:Hey Ray, Wanted to say thanks for the DVD you GAVE us this summer while watching you at Long Beach. We love it! It was fun to see the Vancouver skyline. Hope to see you next summer! You are the Best! Julie THank you Julie looking forwrd to seeing you again in Aug at Long Beach, Thank you for your kind words, Ray ,

Name:Don Hamilton
Location:Central, Alaska USA
Message:I saw one of your videos flying multiple (3) kites. I loved it so much that I decided to buy three kites and give it a try while I can still get around(72 yrs.) Sorry to hear about your wife's recent passing.My deepest condolences. That is a great loss. THank you good luck with your 3 kite flying. Ray .

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