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Location:Parma, Italy
Message:Thank you Ray and all you kiters! You made me discover a new fantastic and poetic world, almost unknown to most of us. I were in Cervia last weekend and had a wonderful time : ) I am very pleased that you enjoyed the kite festival. please join us again in 2011. Ray .

Name:Gil and Vanessa DeDominicis
Location:Kelowna, BC, Canada
Message:Hi Ray, We saw your amazing kite flying at Vanier Park today. UNBELIEVABLE!!! It was the highlight of our trip to Vancouver. You're a great guy and an inspiration to us all. Good stuff buddy. When our twins are born, we will bring them back to Vancouver for a lesson as you promised! Thanks for the DVD!

Location:Vanier Park, Vancouver - July 24, 2010
Message:Hi Ray - It was great meeting you today (I was with my great friends Ralf & Sandy). Thank you for sharing your artistic talent. I will be sending you a separate email on the photos I took of you today. Keep up the great work... and thank you again! cheers, Brigitte

Name:Ted Joyce
Location:Vancouver, BC
Message:Amazing. You're still alive and flying. I'll assume you've still got a wind clause in whatever contract you have goin'. Thank you for teaching me to fly at Vanier. Without knowing it, your gift kept me alive, inside and out. I'm still lookin' for a hat like yours- but I know it won't have the same character for 30 years after I find it. Keep your lines tight. Your friend, Ted

Name:Nicole Broady
Location:Bremerton WA USA
Message:I saw Ray Fly at Ocean Shores International Kite Festival, I can't wait to see him fly again. Nicole.

Name:Ian McGahey
Location:Powell River B.C.
Message:I am still inspired to keep flying because of you...We are just getting settled in to our new home in beautiful Powell River B.C. and I am on the hunt for flying fields. Good Luck and happy flying. Ray .

Message:hi ray love your wed site. Set .

Name:Jennifer Stemmer
Location:WA USA
Message:Ray – we so enjoyed meeting you and your wife in Ocean Shores this weekend. Since we had spent time studying kites using this resource – http://www.theoldschoolhousestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=429_451&products_id=14276 – the kids were there at the festival to have a hand-on exposure to all they had learned. And we had seen one of your videos on YouTube during our study so it was particularly relevant to see you in person and to watch you fly. Thanks for taking the time to interact with my kids – they really loved meeting you and thanks also for the kite pins. A great addition to their study documentation! Thank you again. Jennifer

Name:George Paisiovich
Message:On the second last night of the Cervia 2010 International Kite Festival in Italy, some very special happened. Some of the world’s top kite flyers and makers were being recognized by the organizers. In the audience were the famous - Peter Lynn, Robert Tranpanier, Kisa, George Peters, Capelli, Nick James, Jon Trennepohl, Melcom Goodman, Bas, Iqbal, Jonn Burkhardt, Pollock, Team No Limit, and many others ... But there was one, and only one, that when their name was called up, caused the whole room to erupt in a spontaneous, loving and joyous standing ovation that didn’t want to end. And that one and only was - Ray Bethell. The outpouring of respect, appreciation and love for Ray was contagious, and there can be no greater tribute than to receive the recognition of your peers, especially from the best in the world. When you see the Italian people coming up all day long wanting to have their picture taken with Ray, you think it is amazing. To also witness his peers applauding him, it was a magical moment I shall always remember. Thanks for the memories Ray. Cervia will always be synonymous with you for me. You could move there and be Governor of the region you are so popular. “Good stuff Ray!” Best to you and Dolores. George Paisiovich Canada

Name:Claudio Garillov
Location:Marino Italy
Message:The great Ray did it again in Cervia thank you for the wonderful shows. Claoudio.

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