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Location:George town, Cayman islands
Message:Amazing talent! All the best of luck!

Name:Frances Temchin & Rick Bader
Location:Chicago, IL USA
Message:Saw your video at a Pilobolus show, they are great but you are magnificent. Absolutely amazing & so beautiful. You are a great artist Thank you Frances for the kind words.

Name:Frances Temchin & Rick Bader
Location:Chicago, IL USA
Message:Fabulous! Just saw one of your amazing videos at a Pilobolus concert. Who knew such beautiful astonishing feats were possible with kites? Thank you!!

Name:Bobbie Munger
Location:Southbury, CT USA
Message:Mr. Bethell...You are a true genius, and you make this world a happier place to be in. I try to watch your "Romancing the Wind" video at least once a day. God Bless You. Thank you Bobbie

Name:Jean Bowker
Location:Portsmouth, UK
Message:Thanks for Romancing the wind - it is wonderful. You are very welcome Jean I am pleased that youi enjoyed it.

Name:Betty Newman
Location:Fresno, California United States
Message:Our family have been enjoying the Long Beach International Kite Festival for about 25 years and you always have a great showing. Happy Birthday Ray! Hope to see you this year. Thank you Betty.

Location:Vancouver, BC Canada
Message:I was at today's Kite Festival in Vancouver and was amazed by your skill and talent. It was my first time to any kite festival and was blown away by your kite flying. My young children also were captivated by the wonderful dance in the sky. Thank you!!! Thank you Gillian, Glad you enjoyed the Festival, (Ray )

Name:Diane Fisher
Location:Dorchester, NE USA
Message: Hello, I am a school guidance counselor at a small school in Nebraska. A couple of weeks ago someone sent me a link to the You Tube video of Ray Flying three kites. AWESOME!! I was beginning my units on careers. I talk to my students about a multitude of topics related to work. How we choose, what career fields they fall into. When can your hobby become work etc. The video has been used for a multitude of discussions which prompted me to try to learn more about Ray and his desire to work in his 80's! What a wonderful role model. My students discovered that he had a birthday recently and asked if they could make cards. Would you by some chance be able to find an address for him for me or perhaps pass them on to Ray if I mailed them to you? Thank you Diane Fisher Dorchester Public Schools

Name:Elizabeth Neale
Location:Adelaide, SA Australia
Message: OH HOW GLORIOUS...........flying of your kites to the music O mio babbino caro. I adored it. Thank you From liz Adelaide From "The Land Down under " Thank You for your kind words, I have performed in the Adelaide Kite Festival ,many Times, also all over OZ I have spent wonderful Times in the Out Back.

Name:Rod Mantell
Location:Didcot, Oxfordshire UK
Message:A friend sent me a link to a video on You Tube of you flying three kites in an aerial ballet. It was stunningly beautiful to watch. Thank you. Rod Mantell.

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