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Name:Albert frost
Location:Norwitch Norfolk England
Message: It was a pleasure to meet you and Dolores at the Hotel Riviera in San Vito Lo Capo. Your kite flying on your DVD is unbelievable. All our friends are really impressed with your ability and skill. Best wishws Viv and Albert.

Name:Paul Reed
Location: Brandenberg Germany
Message:I have been flying flexi powerkites since 1989 thought I was good,one of the first maybe you know jumping, scuding before kitesurfing came along and stole the show.Then by chance I saw Ray on youtube it utterly changed my perception of kiteflying I used to think stunt kites were for wimps!Now I bow down to the Master.(This is what its all about) Paul. Thanks for the kind words Paul. Ray .

Name:Jim Hadzicki
Location:San Diego, CA
Message:Ray, Met you at the Long Beach kite festival many many years back. Great to see you are still at it putting smiles on all the faces. You are a great role model ambassador to the world. Keep it up. Jim

Message:Hi Ray, I wishe you a happy new year and all the best. We hope to see you in France in 2010 in kite festival. "When I listen to the wind.... I remember you..." Regards

Name:Willie Wlosik
Location:Langley BC
Message:Hope you are ok Ray. I haven't heard from you in a couple of years. Pls e-mail my son-in-law at jrlangston@shaw.ca so I can get in touch. All the best, Willie Hi Willie great to hear from you I will drop you a line soon. Cheers Ray .

Message:Hi uncle ray hope all is well.I am junes daughter.Was thinking of you and thought i would drop you a line.Merry christmas to you all and a great new year. Love viv xxxx Hi Viv thanks and the same to you and Yours, drop me a message to goodstuff@shaw.ca Say Hi to your Mum and Sam Love Ray xxx

Name:Ray Hilson
Location:Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Message:First found Ray on You Tube. After flying one stunt kite for a few months, I am amazed that he can handle three ... and never once does he appear to panic!! Thanks Ray for the kind words, I have been flying multiple sport kites now for 18 years and still learning. Best regards to you and Yours. Ray .

Name:Marius Cheek
Location:Cornwall, UK
Message:I used to live nr Salisbury and juggled/flew kites with the guys from Cunning Stunts. One day (1993ish) the word was out - Ray was back for a visit!! Up to the fields to watch him fly! I never thought I'd end up flying formations with the great Ray Bethel! (Sorry I crashed your kite, Ray, you went to quick for me!!) I really did break the spars on one of his kites, and I'm proud - not to have broken it, but to have met such a talented and dedicated man, a man who would take the time to fly with a newbie and think the broken kite a small price to pay for giving someone encouragement in a beautiful sport! One of my very most unique memories, and one I will always treasure! Thank you!!

Name:Timour Bourbaev
Location: Moscow Russia
Message:Timour Bourbaev Hello from Moscow, Russia My kite flying started after watching your fantastic performance with three kites on youtube. Now i'm slightly crazy about kites, THANK YOU ! You are definitely making the world better! Thank you Timour for your kind words, just keep on being Kite Crazy. Good Luck and Good Flying. Ray .

Name:Fabian Oyola
Location:Gold Coast
Message:Thank you so much Ray for the inspiration that you give us all! Even if I don't know you, just watching a film clip with you flying your messengers shows me that this is your calling in life to show the world the beauty of wind and how important it is. God bless you and give you many more years of sending your inspiring message of beauty to all. Fabian Oyola

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