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Message:Please Ray, let me know the musical piece you choose for the video? the music enhances your artistry, well done, magnificent. watching the video together with the music touched my soul. thank you. Jeannette from Australia

Message:I just watched a video that is circulating on the internet of Ray Bethell's poetic flight with three kites. He is amazing, he is awesome. Please pass along to him. I know I am not the only one who enjoyed watching him work. robin

Name:Greg Lucas
Location:DuPont, Wa
Message:When I first met Mr. Bethell, I was struggling to get a kite flying at Ocean Shores... he took the time to stop what he was doing, come over and help me get my kite tuned to the wind and to get it up and flying. Since that eventful time, I have kept up my flying and have helped numerous others enjoy the art of kite flying. Thank You for gettimg me on the right road to a world of fun and comaradarie. Greg Lucas

Name:Ricardo Orsi
Message:Ray Since I got to know you and your art I started being a kite fan and flyer. I wanted to know if you will be at Vanier Park this saturday, May 24th. I would like to see you flying. Will you be there? Warmest Regards Ricardo See you at Vanier Ray,

Name:Tina & Family
Location:Tgliata Cervia Italy
Message:Dear Ray Each year we come just to watch you fly, and each year you bring great joy to our hearts , your magnificent kite flying is full of Love grace and beauty you touch the very souls of the thousands of people that watch you each day of the festival, myself and my family was thrilled when you autographed our post cards with your picture on also your DVD which we have shown it to all our friends they want to come to the festival next year to see you in person. Thank you Ray so much for bringing such beauty to our town of Tagliata . Tina & family

Message:Hi, for the second time i saw you in Cervia and i want to say thankyou for the emotions that you and your kites give us!

Name:Mary Jo Bell
Location:Lawrenceburg, Indiana. USA
Message:Love you and your Kites! An absolute ballet. Would like to know what you do to relax? Am awestruck at your abilities. Keep on flying! Regards Mary Jo Bell

Message:I just saw you fly in CERVIA it was one amazing experience.....thank you Marco Cristiana Valentina and Marta

Name:Robert Clifford
Location:Roseville California
Message:Hey Ray, Thats good stuff. Fly one in memory of my tangled rat nest. RIP Seemore Skies. Bodega Bay 8/16/08-8/17/08 Thanks and love your styles Champion.

Name:Sean MacLeod
Message:Hi Ray! I briefly met you at Kit's Point in Vancouver today and you were flying 3 kites. It was amazing to see you handle the 3 with ease. Extremely Impressive!! Sincerely Sean Macleod

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