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Name:Arianna, Francesco Silvia, Simone
Location: Vimercate_Italy
Message:We have known in "Cervia international kite festival"... You are the most incredible kiteflier, that we have seen. Your show is amazing and poetic, at the same time. We were honoured to meet you. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Ray.

Name:Marco Bellini
Message:I was fascinated by three kites that were designing dreams in the sky of Cervia I will now try to fly even my own dreams . Thank you very much for everything you've given us

Name:Ann Miller
Message:Greetings to Ray Bethell. Proud Warrior of the kiting World, Watch this gentle giant write a poem in the sky that will touch your very soul. A true Blue ambassador who will become a legend. I am honoured to know this man. Thank you Ray. Ann UK.

Message:I recently saw a youtube posing of your wonderful wizardry and skill Thanks for being so amazing! When do you come to Scotland ? My girl and I want to see you, and at a chance- meet also. Jon

Name:Dan & Heather
Message:Dear Ray . It is always great to get more of you into our lives. Your flying is just so beautiful like the person you are, Don't want to sound mushy, but I love you and your kite flying so much.Heather loves you too Thanks for being on this kite we call earth. Dan and Heather.

Location:Vancouber BC
Message:Finally got a look at your web page-looks great and like you, it has a lot of character and good stuff. I Have always enjoyed your company at the best flying spot in town -Vanier Park and will make sure your "spot" is always avalable just in case I actually get there before you do.Keep flying and touring and don't forget if you ever need an assistants, caddy,what ever I'm certainly available for world travwl. see you soom. Hugs & Kisses. Deb

Name:mike illich
Location:chicago, Illinois
Message:very beautiful work.

Name:Geise Wohl
Location:Rio de Janeiro
Message:Dear Ray Few things I had the opportunity do watch gave me the pleasure I experienced through the images of you flying your kites. I never nearly imagined so much was possible. How can someone after this experience tell anyone off by sending her/him to ''go fly a kite''.? I have been watching you many times a day, since a friend e-mailed your video to us, ( I share an e-mail with my husband) and have sent it to all my best friends, advising them to do the same.and, every time I watch it I feel sorry I don't know you and/or live in the same city so I could try to take lessons from you. I just wanted to give an idea of the good deed you can do to people with your ART and thank you very,very much for that . All my best, Geise Wohl

Name:Mike and Terry Gable
Message:Dear Ray: I like to wish you a very happy birthday, my wife Terry and I have watched you many times at Vanier Park, Long Beach and Ocean Shores WA, you are an inspiration to us all you are the best of the very best and it is hard to believe your age as the attached pictures shows, that were sent to us from friends that watch you every year at Berck France and again at Cervia Italy, not only do I wish that I could fly just one kite as good as you fly 3, but I wish I had a body like it shows in this picture, the only regret is that I wished I had never shown it to my wife who copied it to show all her girl friends, I cant understand how my friends got hold of this picture I have asked them many times but they will not tell me both these picture were taken in Cervia Italy. Ray you are a amazing Man I wish you many more years of bringing happiness to all who watch you fly. Again Happy 80th Ray. Mike and Terry Gable.

Name:John Tilly
Location:California USA
Message:Hi ray, You are my Inspiration... My hero… I saw you at Berkeley kite festival last year your Kite Ballets were utterly amazing , I tried out flying for the first time We exchanged thumbs ups , you have always make me feel great when I watch you fly you fly. Thank you Ray for all the help and tips , I will never forget the first time I first saw you in San Ramon at the Art and Wind Kite festival... Thanks again for being an important turning point in my life.. I am .really looking forward to seeing you in Berkeley again in July. Your friend John.

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