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Name:Nellie McDiffett
Location:Kansas USA
Message:Dear Ray Bethell Someone sent me a web site: to check out What a symphony of sound and movements !!! Amazing skill !!! I have never been into kites but found this this fascinating. Thank you for sharing your skills and talent. Nell and Stan. Kansas.

Message:Wow …Ray between your awesome kite flying and The Flower Duet was so moving. It lifted my sprits higher than your kites…I can’t stop watching…it is absolutely the most beautiful and relaxing video that I have ever watched…and I have witnessed the greatest flight of kites that I ever before seen…I love Kite Flying…and as I sat and watched I realized with tears in my eyes what freedom really is. Thank you so very much for sharing your love of kiting with the World. Debbie xx

Name:Carol & Bob Huntinton
Location:Vancouver Canada
Message:Dear Ray Bethell: I just wanted to say how very much we enjoyed the screening of your Romancing The Wind Video at Celluloid Social Club both Bob and I love the music as it matched perfectly to your very inspiring multiple kite ballet, but most of all Ray your beautiful flying skills you so mastery performed with so much grace and beauty thank you for making our evening so extra special. Carol & Bob Huntington. ps Ray we did look for you after the show as we wanted to thank you personally but Robert Holbrook said that you had already left, one other thing is it possible for us to purchase a copy of your beautiful DVD ?.

Name:Sara Zlabis
Message:Your are an inspiration to our young daughter. She wants to know how you keep the kite lines from getting tangled? God bless you Ray. Sara

Name:George Paisiovich
Location:Burlington Canada
Message:Good stuff mate!

Name:Marco Melchiorre
Location:RHO, Milano, Italy
Message:Hi Ray, i was in Cervia, i hope to see you soon Ciao

Name:Emanuela Camurani
Location:modigliana - fc - Italy
Message:Dear Ray, I said goodbye to you yesterday at the kite festival in Cervia while you were putting away your kites after your last exhibition. I would have liked to tell you how I feel when I see you make the kites fly but I was overcome with emotion. Anyway, we took a photo together with your camera. I don't know if it is possible but I would really like to receive it. Thank you! Hope to see you next year again in Italy!

Name:Audrey Cranburn
Location:Madison Wisconsin
Message:Dear Ray Bethell. I just had to write a message to you to tell you what a wonderful write up that was in a German Kite News paper, one of our kite fliers gave to me knowing that along with thousands of others, that I am a great fan of yours, such beautiful pictures of you also I can't imagine why this article was not picked up by KiteLife and the AKA Kiting Magazine in my book it should have been a must to read by every kite flier, you are an inspiration to each and every one of us, reading this wonderful article about you today brought tears to my eyes yet at the same time it brought a great feeling of happiness to my heart just like it did while watching you perform at the Kites On Ice Kite Festival in Madison and just like the article said you touch the secret places in the hearts of every one that watches you fly. Thank you Ray for touching mine; please come back again to our Kites On Ice Kite Festival, plans are in the making for it to happen again in 2007. Audrey Cranburn

Name:Didier GESLIN
Location:Annecy FRANCE
Message:Remember Marseille 2005, a good moment, a good evening with a good guy. When I listen to the wind.... I think about RAY.....

Name:Mary Gauss
Location:Chicago, USA
Message:Ray, I just watched your musical video w/ kites and then went to your website and watched your video "Good Stuff". I understand what you mean by "learning to deal with it" and all the frustration that comes with. I myself lost a child to cancer 23 years ago and for the last 5 years, I have been living with "unexplained dizzines". Life IS not fair and yes, we learn to "deal with it". Your kite flying is marvelous, beautiful, awesome, and thought inspiring. I have never seen anything like it before. Enjoy life to the fullest, for Life IS short!! God bless you!

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