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Location:California USA
Message:I clicked on Good Stuff and then on Vancouver web site...and listened to this man's story..It is incredible...He is 80 years old...and not only can he fly kites..but his outlook on life is truly wonderful. He has overcome obstacles and continues to do what he loves doing..It is worth listening to a "giant among men" Am writing to thank you I sent this to all the people that I sent your kite flying clip to...it is such an inspirational story and I wanted all to listen to what you are saying. Both my husband and I are in the medical profession...and my specialty is psychiatry. You are living proof of what life is about and your facing your depression with the attitude it takes to survive in this wonderful way. Most sincerely, Barbara

Message:Dear Ray Bethell I have never seen anything like that before. I enjoyed watching you Romancing The Wind video of the It was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Thank You, Leann

Name:mary sparrowdancer
Message:Dearest Ray: You are the healing message of my day when the world becomes too much for me to take. I watched one of your videos last night 18 times. I love you. What you are doing is what we should all be doing - creating love and beauty and more beauty. mary sparrowdancer

Name:Pierre Nicokas Renard
Message:Bonjour Rayon. I love going to Berck each year to the Kite Festival to watch the World Team Sports Kite competitions and in spite of the cold weather and strong winds this year, the Teams put on a great show especially the US Team Cutting Edge and are own French Tame Bird Team, but I was completely captivated with your multiple kite ballets, you are the Master, and just to stand amongst the thousands of spectators and to feel the enormous vibrations from the huge crowds that surround the main flying area during and especially after your beautiful kite ballets, the ovation is thunderous and to see all the people clapping and waving send chills up my spine and makes my skin tingle, Ray I only wish you could see the joy on the peoples faces and to hear there comments while they watch your multiple kite routines, I stopped by the Tourism office to thank the director for inviting you again he told me that you have already been booked for 2008. Merci rayonner du partage et vivre longtemt rayon Bethell

Name:Nancy Ortiz
Message:Dear Ray I saw your Romancing the Wind video on Yahooís site. I have never seen anything so incredibly inspiring. I didnít know such beauty like that existed, it was truly amazing . Thank you so much for showing us how much fun we can truly have with kites. Nancy Ortiz.

Message: Dear Mr. Ray Bethell I hope you receives this okay I sent an image of you from Cervia 2007 (Italy) It was the first time we were in Cervia to the kite festival and your Kite show was very beautiful. Thank you for the emotions you gave us with your Kite ballets. Arianna.

Name:Jenny Justly
Message:Hi I was sent the promo video of Bethell [see link below] by a friend who lives in Australia. It is so beautiful! I have sent it to at least thirty people and everyone in the Vancouver, British Columbia area where most of us live has replied saying that it must have been photographed in our West End or near our Planetarium. The big freighters in the harbour with the mountains in the background are the real giveaway. At first I wasn't too sure, because some of the buildings in what some people have thought may be the West End look too short. However, I have gone back and looked again and I now think this has to be Vancouver. My friend in Australia didn't say anything about where it was taken, but because she kind of knows Vancouver, it is an added bonus that this record holder might actually live here. Yes Jenny it was filmed in Vancouver BC, it pleases me that you enjoyed my DVD. Ray.

Location:Emmaus PA USA
Message:Dear Ray thank you for your beautiful performance. I'm a once in the while two line flyer and I hadn't even dreamed that flying three kites was possible. Maybe that is because I have such a hard time with one kite. It made me grin like a 54 y/o kid! Thanks again for the eye opener, Brent Emmaus PA

Name:Dawn Cooks
Message:Hello .. I am currently in a beginning level web class and my teacher referred to this web site to show us some of the things that we could achieve with some work. I really enjoyed your site. The video on the home page of Mr. Bethell is breath taking. The song selection was an excellent choice . I donít know if he was listening to the music as he was flying his kites, but it sure seemed like he was. The timing of the music and the kites was perfect. I have never seen anything like this before. I canít believe that one person could have this much skill and control over one kite, yet alone 3 kites. The landing was awesome too, I never knew a kite could do so much. I really enjoyed what I saw and I will bookmark the page to come back and visit often. Thank you Keep up the good work. Dawn.

Name:Evangeline Jordan
Location:Houston Texas
Message:Dear Mr Bethell On behalf of the Students and families of Kolter Elementary School, we extend to you our greetings, Nihao,Bonjour, Kon ni chi wa, and Hola. Kolter Elementary is an exemplary school of four foreign languages :Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish. We want to thank you for sending your fascinating video 'Romancing the Wind". It was a fabulous introduction for our Kite day activities. All of our students, faculty, and parents were in awe while viewing the video. You truly are a world champion. We are making our Kite Day an annual activity for our school and will use your video every year. I would love to see some of your other awesome videos. Best to you in all your kite endeavours, and world travels and thanks again for sharing with us your wonderful skills. Sincerely Mrs E Jordan

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