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Name:Monica Ryan
Message:Wow!! Ray just watched the video of your kite ballet, sent to me by a friend, Truely Marvelous, You are a artist , Perhaps next time I visit Vancouver I will be fortunate enough to meet you in person, Thank you for bringing beauty to the world. Monica.

Name:Rose Davis
Message:Ijust wanted to thank you for the most beautiful ,and relaxing , video, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your kite flying was amazing and the arranging it to the music was fantastic. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Rose

Location:Utah USA
Message:Hi The video of Ray Bethell flying three kites to the Flower Duet from Lakme is traveling all over the internet…..it is so beautiful and lyrical! My siblings and I are all trying to figure out which city this video was filmed in. They live in CA and do not recognize it as anywhere they know in CA; and I certainly don’t recognize it, living in Utah. So………where was it filmed? It was flimed in Vancouver BC Canada Also, when I tried to find Ray in your list of members, he is not to be found! A bit frustrating, given that his video is on your site. We all wanted to know a bit more about him. Thanks for any info you can give, especially as to the site where he was flying those beautiful kites……. Sara Post Lee SPL1011@infowest.com

Name:Michele Stone
Message:Ray your Romancing the Wind Ballet Was soooooooo beautiful.Thank you for the experience. Michele Stone

Message:I just wanted to say Thank You!! I am currently in a beginning level web class and my teacher referred us to this website to show us some of the things that we could acheive with some work. I really enjoyed the site. The video on the home page is breath taking. The song selection was an excellent pick. I don't know if he was listening to the song as he was flying the kites, but it sure seemed like it. The timing of the music and the kites was perfect. I have never seen anything like this before. I can't believe that one person could have this much control over one kite, yet alone 3 kites. The landing was awesome too, I never knew a kite could do so much. I enjoyed what I saw and I will definitely bookmark the page to come back and visit from time to time. Keep up the great work, Dawn

Name:Cathrien Livingston
Location:Texas USA
Message:Where can I say thank you to Ray Bethell for one of the most beautiful things I have had the privilege to enjoy- his multiple kite ballet video with the Lakme audio. Just a gal in Texas who is tearfully stunned by such intuition and skill. Sincerely, Catherine Livingston

Name:Andrew Horning
Location:Freedom IN USA
Message:Wow!! I thought I had flown kites before and I suppose I’ve helped to get kites airborne before, but I now know that I’ve never really flown them, It’s amazing how such age-old plagues like war, oppressions, death and disease can be lifted away for just a few moments of watching your Video on Kitelife. Thank you for giving me those moments Andrew Horning RDCS

Name:Jim & Nile
Location:Palm Springs CA
Message:Dear Ray: For a life blessed with health and passion, dear man. What you do is way beyond creating magic in the heavens with your lovely kites. What you do…..touches the heart and minds and soul in a way that every single one of us should have on a daily basis! A huge dose of pure, unadulterated JOY and PEACE !. We have forwarded your Romancing the Wind Video to everyone we cared about with a specific instructions on how to prepare themselves for a blessing of viewing pleasure. Thank you, Ray from two old Farts in Cactus Land. Nile and Jim .

Name:Peter Clarke
Message:Dear Ray Bethell My parents sent me, via email, the video of you flying the three kites in the park. They thought my five year old son would enjoy it but my wife and I were astonished at what you were able to do. I have enough trouble keeping one kite up and not having it disintegrate when it comes back down...assuming it does come down. It would be cool to get a signed photo of you with your kites, is that possible for our son, Nathaniel? Thanks for sharing your art and talent with the world. Sincerely, Peter Clarke

Name:Michael O/Leary
Location:Iowa USA
Message:Dear Ray Is there any chance of you would ever be in this area? We are right next to Interstate 80 which runs from the east coast to the West coast. We are in the \”Midwest\” region, not too far from Chicago[4 hours]. I would love to put together an incentive program where the children of my school demonstrate our seven character traits in the community in order to \ “earn a time with you Ray.\” I believe that it be a wonderful inspiration to anyone of any age. We have several banks in the area that love to host visiting authors for our community and I would be willing to approach one of them to help with travel and appearance expenses . I can be reached at school by calling 319-688-1100 or by e-mail. Thank you Respectfully submitted. Michael O\’Leary.

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