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Location:Pulaski, NY United States
Message:Ray, after I dried my tears, I shared your talent and your story with my 12 year old daughter. I'll continue to share it with all who need inspiration and to add beauty to their day and life. Thank You for your beautiful spirit, Angela

Name:Lisa Marie
Location:Windsor, On Canada
Message:Dear Ray, I saw your video "Good Stuff". Your views on dealing with life's hardships inspire me as much as your beautiful gift of kite flying. Thank you for sharing your gift, you really are 'one in a million'. Say hello to my hometown, Vancouver BC. God Bless! I will do that for sure (Ray)

Name:Carlie L
Location:Hafford, SK Canada
Message:I want to thank you for the inpiration you have been to us all. Its so beautiful to see this mastery and skill of kites. blessings- Carlie and family from small farming town Saskatchewan. Thank you Carlie (Ray)

Location:Houston, Tx USA
Message:Watched the Romancing The WInd youtube & was nearly brought to tears with joy seeing the beauty of Mr. Bethell's talent. His spirit dances those kites with such grace & love that just as one single man can create this, so too can mankind overcome strife & unite as God's children once again. God Bless YOU!!!

Name:June Love
Location:Winnipeg, MB Canada
Message:Thank you Ray for the beauty in your kite flying. I was and still am in awe of your wonderful talent. I have shared your talent with so many of my co-workers as the beauty of your kite-flying must be shared. I have been moved to tears. Perhaps when I visit Vancouver I will have the good fortune to see you in person flying your kites. God Bless you Ray. Thank you June, on your visit to Vancouver please visit Vanier Park on a Week End to say Hello. (Ray)

Location:St. Johns Fl, Fl USA
Message:Great interview Mr. Bethell (2007) With the greatest Respect I have for you, your life, story and your kites. I have seen most of your movies. You are a great men Mr. Bethell. I wish we could have a chat. Warm regards and all the best. God Bless, Francis Thank you Francis for your kind words, you can e-mail me atany time. goodstuff@shaw.ca

Name:Carol Backers
Location:Alden, MI USA
Message:Watching made my heart sing and eyes dance. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your gift with everyone. It pleases me to knowthat you enjoyed my DVD Thank you, Ray .

Name:Bob & Nia D
Location:S.H., FL USA
Message:The only thing more uplifting that your incredible kite flying, is your spirit! Long may both your kites and you soar! Thank you for bringing joy into our day! You are very Welcome Bob.

Location:Klein, TX USA
Message:Absolutely amazing! What a wonderful gift to share with the world!! Bless You! Thank you Judy.

Name:Ann M.
Location:Northfield, OH United States
Message:Hi Ray -- Just finished watching the "Romancing the Wind" video TWICE! There are no words that can describe the feeling one gets just watching the magic. May the Lord enhance your life to bring the magic to all. Thank you Ann for your kind words, Ray.

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