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Name:Tom Kelly
Location:Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
Message:Hello Ray Bethell, You are a true champion of life. Watching you "Romance the Wind" is truly a deep spiritual experience that keeps faith in human decency alive. Too much of Ray Bethell is barely enough. Good on you Mate. TomK. = = = = = = = = = = Thank You Tom Good Stuff again from OZ

Name:Michael Banfield
Location:Antigua, Sacatepequez Guatemala
Message:I first watched "Romancing the Wind" several years ago. It lifted my spirits at a much needed time. I have since shared it with many of my friends. It still moves me. So a very belated "THANK YOU RAY." Fly forever.

Name:Vicki Woods
Location:Mooresville, IN USA
Message:WOW! That's just amazing and completely fascinating to watch!!! Impressive, Astonishing, Truly Amazing

Name:Kimberly Holloway
Location:Pinehurst, North Carolina United States
Message:A friend sent me a link to a YouTube video of you flying your kestrels. It was one of the most breathtaking things I have seen. I would love to see you in person one day. Keep flying!

Name:Lance Wadelius
Location:Beausejour, Manitoba Canada
Message:First time watching you in action Ray... and I was in awe as to your patience and skill and artistry. You are an inspiration. Thanks for that! Thank you Lance I am hapy that you enjoyed my DVD, (Ray)

Name:Deborah Byrd
Location:San Antonio, tx usa
Message:Just watched "Romancing the Wind". It's making it's way around the internet again. Incredible!!!! I travel a lot and may try to find you out and about in 2013. May God continue to bless you with health, prosperity, and joy as you share your amazing gifts, talents, education, and experience with us. THank you Deborah for your kind words. Ray

Name:Cyndie B
Location:Traverse City, MI U.S.A
Message:Wow Ray!! I wish you could visit us in Travere City--You have an amazing gift and I'm grateful you share it with others. I am an avid stunt kite flier, and you inspire me to work on my take offs and landings--Yours are amazing!!

Location:Genova, Italy Sestri Aeroporto
Message:Yaou're the greatest!! You're Number One Thank you Rino that is music to my Heart.

Name:Ole Kromann
Location:Korsør, Denmark Danmark
Message:Im a teacher and I always show my pupils the enchanting video before we build their first kite, to show them the skills you can achieve and that its never to late to have a happy childhood:0)

Name:Andy Gonzalez
Location:San Antonio, TX USA
Message:Hello Ray, I too love to fly my kite, an M80 when I go down to the TX coast. I got started back in 80's and have loved it since. You my freind are amazing and gifted kite flyer. Thank you Andy, I love what I do and Do what I Love. (Ray)

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