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Ray's World Adventures 1998

Sky Diving in Oahu, Hawaii - March 1998

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This is the place where it all happened! Pacific International Skydiving Center North Shore, Oahu

Getting ready to harness up. Is this really going to happen? I thought they were just kidding around...

Looks like they weren't kidding... Hope they are using Shanti Line or I am in Big Trouble!
Guess it's go after all. (Better pretend I'm happy!)

Spiderman: "Between us Superheroes, Ray! You can do it, man!"
My turn next!

But I REALLY wanted to go to the bathroom... first!!!
I wonder if i can shake this guy off!!! weeeeeeeee

This is fun ( I think) But which way is up?
Faster, Faster! I see a red bikini down there!!!!

OK! You hold the kites and I'll roll out the lines!
Ray, walk this way!

Only if you can get this guy off my back!!
The AKA Nationals was never this much fun, maybe we should make this an event! Pairs, Innovative!

What do YOU think, Dave Gromberg?
Is this the spot you were talking about? Doesn't look very big to me!

Look out below! Here comes BIG FOOT!
What a view!

Look, people still look like ants!! Those are ants, Ray!
Roight, Brian Champie, you're up next!

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