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Ray's World Adventures 2000

Ray is Presented With a Very Special Surprise Gift

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The first pictures show how the design grew from a thought into something a bit special.


Ellen's newsgroup posting had me intrigued, so I took a look at her website, and was instantly struck by the artistry of Shannon's replica of a beautiful Peter Betancourt kite


Next I "borrowed" a graphic from Joel Scholz website, copied it 3 times, and put in those famous words, slightly edited to read "...the wind beneath OUR wings" which seemed more apt. I emailed this to Shannon & Bonnie and sat back to await results.


Then a week or two later, this arrived by mail. SURPRISE! Wow - fast work Shannon and Bonnie! (he did the kites - she did the embroidery) Pretty impressive, eh?

All Done

And then they put it all in a 3D picture frame. They then shipped it to Tom Macalister in Berkeley. I paid him a visit with an empty carrying case. And home again (smiling like the cat that got the cream)

Big Daddy

We worried that Ray might try to lose such an embarrassing object, so we stuck this discreet little brass plate (4" by 2") on his little black briefcase

The finished article


Ray, we hope you like it well enough to hang it somewhere in your home -- preferably somewhere that you can sit and ponder on it while communing with nature... A very big thank you to everyone who donated a cloth patch, that just finished it off perfectly.

And Ray, when you take out the picture to hang it on the wall, you can still use the case for your lines, tails & handles!


We had a tissue ready... in case Ray started blubbering.

The Gang

But he just grabbed as many of us as he could... and smiled, and smiled, and smiled... and passed around the beer, the cider and the whiskey...

The Plot   ::   The Pictures   ::   The Conspirators

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