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Ray's World Adventures 2000

Ray is Presented With a Very Special Surprise Gift

The Plot   ::   The Pictures   ::   The Conspirators

This is the place where we name the guilty parties - if Ray ever sees this page, he will know not to trust any of his buddies any more...

Starting with the most guilty and most devious... but remember they ALL knew about it and kept the secret!
  • Me - Richard Nourse (aka tricky Dicky) - well, I had the daft idea to start with...
  • Him - Harry Douglas - he was the first bloke I told about it, and he agreed to it...
  • Ellen - darn it - I have to put her here somewhere - she started me thinking about it with this posting on rec.kites (quote) we have this really talented artist friend and fellow dual line kite flyer who has decided to give up sleep for awhile. Shannon has a recording studio, paints wildlife art, builds model ships and finds the time to fly kites.
    - Email her at sportkite1@aol.com and she has a fine website here www.sportkite.com
  • Shannon Walton (as described above) - runs Kite Tykes in Springfield, Virginia.
    - Tel. 703-354-4557 or Email him at trybaltyke2@aol.com
  • Bonnie O'Leary (Shannon's partner) - she had the idea to embroider the words on blue silk.
    - Email her at Birdie756@aol.com
  • Tom Macalister of Highline Kites, Berkeley CA - he agreed to act as a staging post for the finished article.
    - Email Tom at Tom@HighlineKites.com or see his fine website www.highlinekites.com + map to Cesar Chavez Park
  • Dave Gomberg - of Gomberg Kite Productions International - thanks Dave, see you at Bristol for that pint I owe you!
    - Email him here David@GombergKites.com or see his excellent website at www.GombergKites.com
  • Graeme Poole - our good mate from "Down Under" - rumour has it that he and Ray tried to "drink the bar dry".
    - Email him at graeme.poole@unisa.edu.au or see his website with the famous Dragonfly kites at http://fly.to/dirckites
  • Dominik Jasper - Ray's first webmaster (I swear it's true!)
    - Email and ask him at djasper@zip.com.au
  • Joel Scholz - who was kind enough to agree to Shannon copying his famous Kestrel design that Ray flies so well.
    - Email him here joel@skydelight.com or see his beautiful website here www.skydelight.com
  • Malcolm Goodman - Kiteman of Sunderland: Leading light of the Sunderland Festival, with a really artistic website.
    - Email him here malcolm.goodman@virgin.net or see his fine website here www.kiteman.co.uk
  • Pete Sturrs - of North East Kite Fliers, who kept the secret from Ray at their festival just a week before Brighton.
    - Email him here pete@sturrs.freeserve.co.uk or see their website here www.nekf.fsnet.co.uk
  • Julie White - and all at Midland Kite Fliers who were "in on it"
    - Email her at julie@mkf.org.uk or see their excellent website here www.mkf.org.uk
  • White Horse Kite Flyers - thanks for your support guys - see you at Petworth!
    - Email them here kites@whkf.org.uk or see their website here www.whkf.freeserve.co.uk
  • Avon Kite Fliers - we had a lot of fun getting that kite out of the tree, hmmm?
    - Email them here akf@argonet.co.uk or see their fine website here www.argonet.co.uk/users/parsons
  • Ray Oakhill & Simon Hennessey - of Brighton Kite Fliers - last and certainly not least...
    - with grateful thanks for allowing Harry and me to use their event to spring the trap!
    - Email Oakie here rao@mistral.co.uk or Email Simon here S_Hennessey@bigfoot.com and see the great B.K.F. website here www3.mistral.co.uk/prchitty
If I left anybody out - just be grateful, eh? Or Email me if you enjoy this sort of mayhem!

The Plot   ::   The Pictures   ::   The Conspirators

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